headshot newStephanie Summers, the blonde haired, gray-eyed little girl from the Midwest was always very particular in the way she let  her mother dress her and style her hair. At age three she was rockin’ her own selection of gray boots, pink clothes, and a pearl necklace for her first photo-shoot.  It was very apparent as Stephanie Summers grew she would have more than just a little to say in the entertaining world of fashion and TV. At age 12 Summers signed with a talent agent and was walking the runway for local retailers who had national recognition. Stephanie continued to rock the world of “cute clothes” and appeared in TV commercials; if you squint you’re liable to see her in a few feature films, and playing pranks on people while starring in a reality TV pilot.

Growing up in St. Louis she took part in the annual St. Louis Fashion week, and worked as a TV host on a local cable channel.  Stephanie Summers became a fashion-forward news anchor and through her years on set numerous viewers wrote in to inquire about her outfit of the day asking fashion advice; her audience brought her back to her love of fabric where she started Swanky Boutique

Today you can catch her hosting an entertainment show on FOX in SWFL about food, FASHION, and entertainment.

Swanky Boutique shops fashion merchandising markets worldwide to bring you apparel and gifts you won’t find anywhere else. Swanky Boutique is located in Southwest Florida, in downtown Fort Myers. When you don’t see Swanky Boutique’s owner Stephanie Summers on TV, stop into Swanky Boutique ~  she’d love for you to swing in and say hello, maybe, just maybe you’ll find something there that will make your fashion world complete.